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Why Are We Happy? Why Aren’t We Happy?

Dr. Michael Ryce spends a great deal of time in his lectures explaining to people the process by which we create our own realities and how the actual events in and around our lives, has little or nothing to do with the reality we create in our minds.  Dr. Ryce offers numerous examples of this process and encourages people to observe this for themselves and to increase their awareness of this process, so that they can work with the process to cancel and change the false realities which create our negative experiences in life.

One of my favorite ways to spend quality educational time is to watch talks on  This blog entry is about one of those talks by Dan Gilberts titled “Why Are We Happy?  Why Aren’t We Happy?”  In this talk Dan Gilberts describes the research which demonstrates how we choose our happiness, and the circumstances under which it is easier for us to “manufacture” happiness.  He also discusses those factors and situations which make it more difficult for us to “manufacture” happiness.  The research shows repeatedly that most of us think that “Getting what we want”, is the thing which will make us happy.  The reality is that “Getting what we want”, has almost no correlation to our long term happiness.  Dan Gilberts explores in his talk the process our brains go through in projecting into the future and trying to predict what will make us  happy, and how this process is so often wrong in its conclusions.

I strongly recommend watching this talk and learning more about how we make ourselves happy and how we make mistakes in trying to make ourselves happy.  The more we learn about how our brains work and how we create our own reality, the more we can do to create positive, loving and happy realities for ourselves.  Click here to watch the video of Dan’s talk.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love.  Everything else is false.

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