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On Your Mind podcast Interview with Dr. Jodie Skillicorn

Dear Friends,

I have been hosting the On Your Mind podcast for over two years now, and have had the privilege of meeting and learning from some truly outstanding, and talented individuals in the field of mental health. One of those individuals is the Integrative psychiatrist Dr. Jodie Skillicorn who has just returned to the podcast to talk about the effects of Adverse Childhood Events, (ACE's). Dr. Skillicorn shares with us the best tools and techniques she has learned to help people heal from, and reverse the effects of childhood trauma and adverse events. You can access that episode and the other 97 published episodes at

The next episode will publish on Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 an interview with Sean Perry with the nonprofit WE R Hope, discussing how they place "coaches" in schools to support students in developing basic mental health skills. This program has the coaches meeting with the students five days a week, to supply the structure and support that allows students to thrive in life.

The 100th episode of the On Your Mind podcast will publish on May 31st, 2022 with an interview of Joel Lubar, Ph.D. who began pioneering work with EEG Neurofeedback in the 1970s and has been a pioneer in that field ever since. He is currently training other clinicians in how to develop protocols for treating ADHD, and other disorders using QEEG Neurofeedback.

To access the podcast just go to

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