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What Prompted My Last Post?

Dear Friends,

I have been contemplating what prompted me to post the link to the Mindshifters Internet Radio show from 6/22/2018. The more I listen to that recording, the more it becomes clear to me that the “Synchronicity”, and the “Flow” that was occurring are part of the attraction. There are several things that occurred which reveal to me how much of a “dance” was occurring between the caller, “the infinite”, and me. I was moved to use words like “creed” in the beginning of the show which triggered deep associations for the caller, and led us to further discussion which helped her “shift” her thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in a helpful way.

There are also aspects of what was “flowing” which help me clarify and refine my “work”. One particular aspect that has been on my personal radar for a while now is the the relationship between different levels of meaning for the same words, concepts, events, and interactions. The guiding force and focus for me through all of this is the recognition that:

“The only significant difference between myself and anyone who has ever lived, is the degree to which we live from the deep realization that we are all the SAME!”

In this case, I am using the phrase “different levels of meaning” the same way Guy Finley uses the phrase, “In Scale”. It simply refers to that fact that there are many ways to look at a situation, from the concrete logical / linear level, to the more esoteric, symbolic, or mythical level. Those who reach for different levels of meaning are often tricked into thinking that their new understanding negates their previous understanding. That is like an adult resenting the fact that they once crawled, or stumbled as they learned to walk. The more productive approach seems to be accepting and integrating all of the different levels of meaning and life lessons, with the appreciation that all levels of meaning have value.

Here again is the link to the audio file of the Mindshifters Internet Radio show from 6/22/2018. Click Here

We Come From Love. We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love. Everything else is false.

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