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Dear Readers,

This blog is being created to help spread the word about the human mind/body connection and how it can be recognized and used to help make life better on this planet, one person at a time.

I will be writing about things I have read, heard or discovered which may be helpful to others who are eager to learn more about themselves and the newer “therapies” and discoveries that affect us all.

I have been doing therapy in one form or another for over 31 years. I love to teach and write about whatever I learn.

I hope you find the things posted here as useful as I have found them.

I will only post those things that I find very helpful, or very stimulating in terms of the questions they raise.

I learned long ago that one good question is worth a thousand solid answers.

Also somewhere on this site, I will post a listing of my favorite sayings collected over the years. These are mostly reminders of my priorities and key values, but occasionally they are humorous as well.

Thaks for reading! Sincerely TJH, Psy.D.

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