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Update on Toe Surgery and EFT

One week from the date of the surgery on my toe, 12/19/2005. I went to the surgeon for a dressing change and was told by the surgeon that my toe looks like it has been healing for a month rather than just one week. He asked me if I was a fast healer. I told him that even though I am fifty-one years old, no one has ever called me a fast healer before. This includes this same surgeon who repaired my broken ankle six years ago.

The only thing I can attribute this lack of pain and increased healing to is the consistent use of EFT tapping beginning the night of the injury and continuing through the surgery as mentioned in a previous post on this blog.

EFT is the Emotional Freedom Technique which is one of the many new forms of “meridian” therapy which uses knowledge of the energy meridians in the human body and the five element theory which is involved in accupuncture. for more information and a free manual explaining how to use the tapping technique.

The night of the surgery, I took two prescription pain killers and left one out to take in the middle of the night if I needed it. I never took that third pill and on the day after surgery I took only three 200 mg ibuprophen tablets for the entire day. On each day since the surgery the most I have felt the need to take is three 200 mg ibuprophen tablets, and several days I needed nothing.

Today the surgeon was amazed at the lack of redness, lack of swelling, the overall stability of the toe, and my ability to flex it without intense pain.

I am amazed at the lack of pain and swelling considering the trauma to the toe in the original injury, and the subsequent removal of almost a half an inch of bone from the toe, and the lengthening of tendon.

I have continued to use the EFT basic recipe with a wide variety of affirmations related to the toe surgery and recovery, including the pain, the lack of mobility, my clumsiness, and others.

It makes very good sense to me that if I can decrease my intense negative emotions, I will have more energy for my body to focus on healing and recovery. However I never imagined such a dramatic difference in the experience of a serious trauma involving a broken bone, dislocated bone, and surgery involving bone removal.

I will post an update on the recovery and my use of EFT in about a week.

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