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Tuesday and Thursday Evening Mindshifters Groups

Dear Friends, I am blessed to be able to report that I attended another wonderful Mindshifters group last night in Woodstock, IL at the Unity Spiritual Center, and there were fifteen other people in attendance. The group watched the first hour of the lecture on Consciousness and the Mayan Calendars, and then one of our members did a very powerful Reality Management Worksheet. This is the primary tool we work with in these groups, because it allows us to remove unproductive and unhealthy energies from our mind/body energy systems. The group member who did the primary worksheet last night, got in touch with and removed energies and emotions from his system which had been negatively influencing his life for over fifteen years. The Loving support of the other group members and the power and efficiency of this tool are all part of why I say that the Mindshifters Groups are the highlight of my weeks, and have been for the past nine years.

I look forward to sharing these tools again tomorrow night with the Thursday Evening Mindshifters group which meets at 800 McHenry Ave. Suite B, Crystal Lake, IL. We start promptly at 6:30 and people can arrive as early as 6:15 pm. We will show the third hour of the lecture on Consciousness and the Mayan Calendars, and of course, demonstrate the Reality Management Worksheet process again.

If you choose to join us tomorrow night, please RSVP to thayes@ch4cs.com as seating is limited in the Thursday group. Please remember that there is a $25 per session fee for the Thursday group in Crystal Lake. I would appreciate it if you forward this note to anyone you feel may be interested.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

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