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Thursday Night Mindshifters Has Begun

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who have supported this work and a special thanks to those who attended the first Thursday night Mindshifters Group in Crystal Lake last night.  We watched the first hour and twenty minutes of the lecture on the Mayan Calendars by Ian Xel Lungold and the group was very engaged and is very eager to see the rest of the lecture.  Next week we will watch more of the lecture at the Thursday night Mindshifters Group and you are welcome to join us.

The key points Ian addressed in the first part of his lecture relate to “Consciousness” and what Ian states is the primary Law for us as humans, which is, “What I pay attention to is what I become conscious of.”  This becomes very important in the lecture as Ian demonstrates how the Gregorian Calendar, which is the calendar of commerce on this planet, is focused completely on the physical world, and the movement of our physical planet around our star – called by us the sun.  When you stop to consider that many previous cultures had other calendars which did not relate to the number of times our planet moved around our sun, then you realize that those calendars must have been marking, or keeping track of something other than just the physical movement  of things.

This means that other cultures focused their awareness on –  and therefore developed a consciousness for –  things other than just the physical world.  If the Law that Ian talked about is actually in effect, then those other cultures became aware of things other than just the physical world, simply because they paid attention to those things.  In the same way that we have narrowed our focus in this culture to just the physical world, and therefore we are only aware of the physical – other cultures focused on things other than the physical world, and they became aware of things other than the physical.

One  of my favorite quotes from Einstein seems appropriate here. ”

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Because we have chosen to buy into a calendar that  tracks nothing but the movement of physical objects, and have rejected most, if not all, other calendars which tracked spiritual, emotional, or ethereal energies, we are now only aware of the physical world.  We are mostly blind to spiritual, emotional, or other ethereal energies simply because we refuse to pay attention to them and therefore we are not “aware of” or “conscious” of them.

What other energies, worlds, or experiences might open up to us if we choose to open our awareness to them?  One of my favorite teachers is Guy Finley and he likes to say that one of the Laws we live with is that, “What we choose to focus our attention on, will – and must – teach us about itself.”  This seems to my mind to be related to the Law Ian talks about in this lecture, “What you pay attention to is what you become conscious of.”

I like to say it this way, “You have the infinite capacity to choose the focus of your conscious awareness in each moment, and the choice of your focus for your conscious awareness in each moment is what creates your experience of life.”  One of the questions in the group last night was, “Okay, so why do I have so much trouble choosing the focus of my conscious awareness?”  The answer lies in the fact that we are only aware of about 5% of our thoughts.  That means that 95% of my mental processing is in the subconscious and unconscious.  So, when I try to focus on things that are “positive” and Loving, and I keep thinking other, more negative thoughts, it can be seen as an “alarm system” in me, telling me that I have subconscious or unconscious material driving my focus.  I then need to learn, (and apply),  tools which help me uncover and then dismantle the negative or unproductive unconscious thoughts, emotions, and energies that are driving the decision to focus on things that are less than Loving.  These tools are exactly what we teach and support people in using in the Mindshfiters Groups.  These tools are also available FREE at

What can you do to choose a different focus for your conscious awareness – each day and each moment – and how might you use that to create a more Loving experience of your life?

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love!  Everything  else is false.

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