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Thursday Night Mindshifters Group

Thanks to those who attended the Thursday night Mindshifters Group in Crystal Lake, IL. We watched the second hour of the three hour lecture on Consciousness and the Mayan Calendars. In this hour of the lecture Ian Xel Lungold talked about how Consciousness and the rate of creation have been speeding up since the beginning of creation. He also talked about how the human brain/mind is just a tool, and that it is not what makes us who we are. We each have an individual consciousness which makes us who we are, and that consciousness is capable of far more than the physical brain/mind.

Ian talked about how the human brain/mind is only capable of thinking 24 thoughts, or pictures per second, and that Consciousness is capable of billions of thoughts per second. He discussed the implications of creating a society in which the entire focus of our thoughts and awareness is placed on physical things, and therefore relies completely upon the brain/mind to interact with the world. This means that we are trying to keep up with an ever increasing rate of consciousness and creation with a brain/mind which is only capable of processing 24 thoughts or pictures per second. The result is that we are going to feel more and more stressed and overwhelmed and this leads to various escapes, such as drugs, medications, distractions, and eventually overwhelm and unconsciousness.

Ian discussed how the level of overwhelm is the mother of all addictions, and the father of all suicides. The solution to this of course is to start paying attention to things other than just the physical realm, and increase our awareness of our higher consciousness which is capable of much more than the human brain/mind. As Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” This will certainly lead to more and more overwhelm.

After the lecture we had a discussion and the group supported me in doing a Reality Management Worksheet on an issue that has been resonating some fear for me recently. The process was very powerful and I got in touch with and released some energy which has been with me since grade school. When I clearly crafted my goal for the other person in my life today, (who seems to be the trigger for the fear I am experiencing), and then canceled that goal, I had a vivid memory of events in grade school. At that time I was almost always chosen last to be a member of a team on the playground. As I got in touch with my fear and sadness from grade school and shed a few tears with the intensity of the energy, I also saw that the only thing that felt worse for me than being the last one picked, was being the second to the last one picked and watching the hurt and sadness on the face of the person who was left.

As I breathed and cried and focused on Loving thoughts for myself and all those involved, I became aware of the connection between those events in grade school and the situation today. The person who seems to be the trigger for my fear, has in the past few weeks, revealed to me that they were isolated socially when they were young. The fear I have been feeling has been connected with confronting this other person about different ideas we have about how things should be done. I have been avoiding this confrontation because it has felt too intense to deal with. Now I know why that situation has felt so intense to me. With the worksheet process and the Loving support of the group, it now feels much more possible to have the needed conversation, and handle whatever emotions need to be dealt with as a result. Thanks to all those who attend Mindshifter Groups and Lovingly support people like me in dismantling the negative emotions and energies from the past, and therefore make it easier for all of us to stay consciously aware of our True nature as Love.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

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