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Thoughts on When Tragedy Strikes

I have been busy this past year and have not posted many entries on this blog because I have been blessed with many Loving interactions with a wide variety of people.  None of these Loving interactions have made it to the television or radio news.  None of them were violent enough, selfish enough, hurtful enough or resulted in devastation,  loss,  rape, violence or death which would qualify it for television or radio news.

I have been telling people for decades to turn off the so called television and radio “news”.  This is not the news.  It is a collection of the worst of the worst tragedies, traumas and natural disasters from around the world.  These items and events are selected to play to the lowest common denominator, and sensationalism for the sole purpose of achieving the highest possible ratings.

I have told people  that there is a reason that our eyes can only see so far and our ears can only hear from so far away.  The reason is that there is only so much we can do and respond to in our environment before we become overwhelmed.  If you watch the television or listen to the radio “news”, and you try to maintain your human sensibilities and  compassion, you will quickly either become depressed and overwhelmed, or numbed-out and shut-down.

On the other hand if you were made aware only of ALL the events in your local neighborhood – the good, the neutral and the tragic, you would either be exhilarated from the Love that is expressed, or be motivated to step in and act where there is a need for helping hands, love, prayers or financial or emotional support.  In this way your  life would have balance and you would be energized and replenished by the Loving give and take between you and your local neighbors.

If we watch the “news” as it is presented on television or radio, we will come  to believe that our  world is overflowing with human violence, greed, and natural disasters.  If all that was happening in our world is what is seen and heard on our “news” channels, this world would have ground to a halt many years ago.  The reason it hasn’t ground to a halt is that the good that exists and is perpetrated by the humans on this planet,  far,  far outweighs the bad.  Each time someone is hurt on this planet AND another human being, (who is in touch with their true source as the nature of Love), becomes aware of it, there is an outpouring of support, Love, money and resources which goes beyond words in a heartbeat.  The difficulty is that these Loving responses to the negatives in our lives are rarely reported in “the news”.

So please choose to look for the helpers.  Choose to watch the negative response within  yourself and learn to use tools to dismantle your, sadness, fear, anger and resentment so that the Love you are made of is the prominent energy you resonate in each moment.

Recently there was yet another incident in which a person who was in so much pain, (either conscious or unconscious), that they chose to act out violently against others.  Lives were lost and lives were changed.  Immediately the airwaves were filled with words and pictures which focused on the violence, the confusion and helplessness that many chose to feel in response to this “news”.  ALSO – IMMEDIATELY! there were hundreds of thousands of human beings who were moved to pray, send Love and begin asking “How can I help?  How can I make a positive impact on this situation and the lives of those around me.”

Let’s slow that down and look at it with a different perspective.  One person in pain does something to hurt others and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people respond with Love, prayer and supportive positive action.  We can choose which of these we choose to focus upon.

If you have read some of the other entries in this blog, you know that there are tools available for anyone who chooses to take responsibility for whatever they are feeling.  These tools make it possible to dismantle and cancel whatever it is that leaves one feeling less than love.  I hope this note motivates some of  you to choose to focus on the Love that responds to tragedy in our world and to use these tools to remove anything which is less than Love from your mind and body, so that the Love you are made of can resonate more strongly in  the world.

We Come From Love, We Are Made of  Love, We Are Love!  Everything Else is False.

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