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Think about what you are asking!

A friend of mine from high school days, Joe,  called Wednesday night to tell me of a new insight he had.  He has been reading about a theory that believes our “unconscious mind” or “higher self” is constantly working to answer whatever questions we ask.  So for instance if I ask, “Why am I always so sick?”  my unconscious will search for and provide evidence and reasons for why I am always so sick.  Joe went on to say that if he simply learned to ask the question in a more positive way, he would start to see positive changes in his life.  For instance he might start thinking, “I wonder how I am going to start being healthier and stronger?”  Or he might ask, “What can I do to be healthy and pain free?”, and his mind would start showing him ways to get healthier and stronger.

This seemed like a entirely new concept to him, despite the fact that he realizes he has seen or heard the same thing in many different ways in the past.  There was just something about the way this was presented which struck him as important, relevant and powerful.  He realized that he has a constant and “loud” self-talk mechanism, which is almost always active.  He also realized that his self-talk mechanism is frequently negative in nature.  So he has begun experimenting with monitoring his self-talk and looking for negatively framed questions which he can change to a positive question.

I discussed with him the fact that Dr. Ryce talks in several of his presentations about how the mind in a purely evidential device, and that it can only give us the evidence we ask it for.  So for instance if I ask for evidence of how somebody did something to make me angry, or hurt my feelings that is all I will see.  However if I ask,  “What am I doing to create the reality I am experiencing?”, that is what I will see.

So, whether you like the way Dr. Ryce talks about the mind as an evidential device, or you like the idea of monitoring the questions you ask yourself in your mind, why not try being more aware during the next few days of the creative power of your thoughts and choose the positive ones!  Like Mike Dooley, (,  always says at the bottom of his emails, “Thoughts become things.  Choose the good ones!  

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