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The Way of Mastery on Mindshifters Radio

Dear Friends,

In 2021 on Mindshifters Radio we worked through the ACIM workbook lessons and read the accompanying chapters from Pam Grout's book - The Course In Miracles Experiment. This was well received and listeners requested another theme for the year 2022. In response to several recommendations and favorable comments, we began reading and discussing The Way of Mastery on January 10, 2022. I have been taking a very methodical approach to this work, and in the ten hours of show time I have devoted to it thus far, I have only covered the first lesson. I have read through it three times, each time with extensive commentary. The goal is to help people understand how to use this writing in their own lives to awaken their own connection to "The Christ Mind".

The Way of Mastery is part of the writings that comprise the Christ Mind pathway. These writings include The Way of The Servant, The Yeshua Letters, The Way of the Heart, and The Way of Transformation, The Way of Knowing. The last three are also known as The Way of Mastery when sold as one large book. I was introduced to The Way of Mastery many years ago and from the first reading I found it was "Singing to My Soul!" I could not put it down. I wanted access to the material even while I was driving, so I recorded myself reading it and put it on CD's so I could listen while driving. Eventually, the technology moved to mp3s, and streaming on the internet became feasible. At one time, for many years, I had the files on a hidden page on my website and made it available only to Mindshifters Group members, and select others, in order to avoid copyright issues. The last time my website needed to be updated the files were not transferred and have not been available for some time. In that time, many people have put their versions of reading The Way of Mastery on YouTube and other platforms. There is also where one can listen and read along to The Way of Mastery and other select titles.

So, to coincide with reading The Way of Mastery on Mindshifters Radio, I have reuploaded the files and they are now available on

We continue to produce Mindshifters Radio as we finish our eleventh year, as a way to be of service. The first eight years were just one hour five days per week, and the last three years have been two hours each day - five days per week. You can call in and listen at 563-999-3581, and if you are listening live and press "1" on your phone it will let us know you want to comment or ask a question.

As always, I thank you for reading this blog and passing it along to anyone you feel may benefit.

We Come From Love. We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love. Everything else is false.

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