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The Living Matrix.

Last night the Mindshifters group did something we have only done one other time in the last four years. We watched a movie which was not one of Dr. Michael Ryce’s lectures. We watched the movie, The Living Matrix, which talks about the integration of the science of Quantum Physics into the science of biology and medicine. The point is made in the movie, as in a book by Bruce Lipton, that the science of biology and medicine are the last sciences to hold out against accepting, and integrating the findings of Quantum Physics. The movie makes the point in many different ways, that our insistence on seeing the body as being only solid matter, and treating “illnesses” by attacking symptoms on a physical and chemical level, is what is keeping us sick and making us sicker.

This is a very interesting movie and it makes the case for opening a person’s belief system so that they are able to “believe” that they can get healthy, even without, or in spite of, surgery and medication. The film introduces a new way to think about “The Placebo Effect”, and even re-defines it as “The body’s ability to heal itself”, or “The Belief Effect”. Both of these terms are more positive and descriptive of what is happening when someone gets better after taking, “a placebo”. Bruce Lipton is quoted in the movie as saying that fully one third of all healing that takes place in our medical system is attributed to “The Placebo Effect”. He goes on to say that at a time when we are drowning in health care costs, it is remarkable that the medical community does not acknowledge this and begin to actively use “The Belief Effect”, which would immediately reduce health care costs by at least one third.

I highly recommend the movie for anyone who is questioning whether they should try an “alternative” approach to traditional medical care, or anyone who wants a nice refresher, and an optimistic update about where medical science and research is possibly headed in the near future.

However, I must say that as I watched the movie for the second time, I was struck repeatedly by the thought that it is a shame that they are still so focused on the physical and the “scientific” proof of this and that energy, etc., etc. I kept thinking that what they are talking about in terms of healing and health and wellness, has been known for centuries and is found in a number of “religious” and healing traditions. As I watched this movie about the latest in scientific advances and the theory of “fields” of energy which govern the physical body, and its expression and response to thoughts and emotions, I kept thinking about a friend of mine who was raised as a Christian Scientist, and who has seen dramatic, powerful, “miraculous healings” all her life, and knows that they are completely ordinary!

I kept thinking about how ridiculous it would sound for someone who was raised in Christian Science, or Religious Science, or any of a number of other Healing traditions, to watch a movie today which talks about how “New” and “Amazing” and “Powerful” this new science of healing is. It would probably sound about as silly and useless as the words of an ice salesman to an Eskimo.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

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