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The Laws of Living Part Two and Powerful Reality Management Worksheet

Last night the Mindshifters group in Woodstock, IL viewed the second half of the lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce titled, “The Laws of Living”. This lecture makes a clear distinction between the Natural Laws, and the rules that men make up to attempt to control one another. Some of the group members had fear and resentment resonate strongly within them as they listened to this lecture. We discussed in the group how the fear and resentment were already in the individual group members and that the lecture did not cause their reactions. This was clearly seen by the fact that others who were in the same room, listening to the same lecture had joy and a sense of hopefulness resonated within them as they watched the same video lecture. Our discussion focused for a while on how it may resonate disturbance in me to realize how far off the target my thinking and behavior has been, and in the same moment how it can resonate a sense of satisfaction and hopefulness when I realize that there is a different and more productive way to think and act.

Then it was time to do a Reality Management Worksheet and one of our group members, quickly volunteered. She was feeling a lot of upset and fear because there had been a death in her family and she suspected that the person may have taken his own life. This resonated fear in her because she has a son who is in the same line of work and she fears her son may become traumatized and then choose to end his life. As she worked through the Reality Management Worksheet this courageous group member gave the group a powerful example of the effectiveness of this tool and the seemingly limitless results one can achieve if they choose to hold the space of Love and apply willingness to the process.

There were times of tears and lots of focused breathing as this member worked through the worksheet process. When she finally got clear on the goal she held for this other person, which was being used to create a reality that resonated her intense fear, she did not want to cancel the goal. This is a common occurrence during the worksheet process. Her goal for the other person was that he “Get the help he needed and be alive today”. One may well ask why would you ever cancel such a loving and constructive goal. The answer is that while the goal is loving and constructive, it is being used in such a way that it is hiding the source of fear in the person who holds the goal. Any negative emotion I feel is my alarm signal telling me I am making a mistake. In this case the fear would be telling me that I am taking a perfectly good, loving and constructive goal and using it to hide from myself the source of the pain in my life. Fortunately for us, the goal is also the “key way” directly to the part of my mind that holds the painful energy I am experiencing. When I cancel the goal and hold the willingness to be shown the hidden part of my mind that holds the painful energy I am experiencing, I can heal or integrate that energy into the energy of Love which is my true nature. When this is done there is less of that painful, or disintegrating energy within me to be triggered or resonated the next time a similar situation occurs.

Once this group member cancelled her goal for someone else to “Get the help that they need and live life fully”, she was shown a memory of herself at age 6 in which she was told that someone she loved was alone and lonely because her fiance had died. She remembered the conclusion she held at six years of age that one’s life can change forever with a single outside event and that a person is powerless to change their life in anyway once that happens. This resonated deep sadness for the group member who was doing the worksheet and she breathed through the sadness and began to have a series of other realizations about events in her life and conclusions she has been carrying for years.

One of the powerful realizations this group member came to was that when she was a teenager, she had some trauma in her life and when she ran away from it, she did not get the help she needed and she did not treat herself well. This was a powerful demonstration of a Truth we observe in this work, that “I will never be upset about anything another person does or says unless I am still judging myself negatively for having done the same or similar things”. So her upset at a person who experienced trauma and then “did not get the help he needed to live a full and happy life”, was literally the judgment she held against herself for not getting the help she needed after she had experienced trauma, ran away from it, and did not “treat herself well”. We discussed a variety of different worksheet topics that had been revealed as she worked through this one worksheet and she made notes about future worksheets she can do, and about some key realizations she had during the group process. At the end of the process this group member stated that she felt much better about her current situation, even though she realized that there was much more work for her to do.

There simply are not adequate words to express the gratitude I feel for the people in this group who are doing their work and supporting others in doing their work. It is an honor and great pleasure to be able to participate in this process with each and every one of you who have attended this group, last night, and at anytime in the past. Thank You one and all!

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

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