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The Laws of Living Part 1

Last night the Mindshifters group watched the first half of the Michael Ryce lecture titled “The Laws of Living”. This lecture tries to make a clear distinction between rules, man’s “laws”, and The Law. The difference between a rule and a Law, is that a rule is something which has been created by man, and if you break a rule there are consequences imposed by men. The Law is something which simply is, and it is not possible to break The Law. You either work within The Law or you “get broken”. For instance if you step off a 100 foot cliff because you choose to ignore The Law of gravity, you suffer the natural consequences once you land. There is no one imposing a consequence for your choice to ignore The Law.

The point was made that while many people say they have done things they regret doing, there is only one reason why we do anything, and that is because we had a “reality” in our mind which directed us to act in that way. Since we are the authors of the realities in our minds, it is possible to be mindful of the realities we are creating, and change them so that we don’t keep doing things we regret. The tool for removing a false reality from the human mind is what was called “Forgiveness”, in the ancient Aramaic. The worksheet titled The Reality Management Worksheet is the primary tool for doing this work in Dr. Ryce’s teachings.

Once again this lecture discusses the need to build slowly and in stages, the understanding of how the energetic system of the human body/mind works. When we first begin to get exposed to this material it is so foreign and unusual, compared to what most of us have been taught and experienced, that it is impossible to understand the material fully. This is why it is important to keep reading, listening to, and practicing the application of this material, so that the foundation of understanding can be built, and eventually the deeper meaning of the material can be grasped.

The first and most important step in the process is to learn to hold the energy of Love, conscious, active and present in the mind, at all times. It is only when we are holding the energy of Love in our minds that we are able to see clearly what the world actually offers us, and who and what we actually are. Whenever we hold the energy of hostility or fear in our minds, our minds distort the information we receive, and we then construct a false reality in our minds, which leads us to more fear, more hostility and more pain.

The tools provided in this work are all focused on one thing, the removal from the human mind/body energy system of anything which is less than Love. It is not necessary and in fact absolutely futile to look for love from anyone or anything in your life. However it is absolutely possible and highly recommended to extend Love in all of your relationships with people and things.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

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