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The Existence of The Field and Emotional Cure of Cancer

I recently came across a fifteen minute video of Gregg Braden talking about the very thing that Dr. Michael Ryce talks about each week in the lectures we watch in the Mindshifters group. In this lecture Gregg Braden shows a video of a woman being treated in a medicine-less hospital, for a three minute procedure which eliminates her bladder cancer tumor.

He then goes on to explain the “technology” behind this experience and at the end of the video he reports on a scientific study which demonstrates the presence of the field of energy which connects all things. I highly recommend this short video as an introduction to the larger field of work which can transform lives, both physically and emotionally and which is the foundation of the work we do each week in the Mindshifters group.

Gregg Braden wrote the book The Divine Matrix in 2007 and the video clip in this link, refers to just one story he tells in that book. See the clip here

Gregg Braden is just one of the many people who are lecturing about the existence of a different Actuality which gives each of us the power to control the way we experience our lives. The work that Gregg Braden cites in many of his books is the blending of ancient knowledge with modern technology. Modern science is only now, slowly, catching up to what has been known to spiritual teachers for thousands of years.

Dr. Ryce’s work gives simple, practical tools for applying this knowledge to the task of creating a different experience of life for each person who is willing to apply those tools. It does not take great intelligence, strength or power to remake one’s experience of their life. It takes some simple tools and the Willingness to apply them daily.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false!

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