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The Circle of Life and How to Play It – Part 1 and Another Powerful Worksheet Process

Last Tuesday night the Mindshifters Support group in Woodstock, IL watched the first part of the lecture titled: The Circle of Life and How To Play It, by Dr. Michael Ryce. This lecture brought up many questions for people, and a lively discussion ensued between the eight group members who were in attendance. The biggest take away from the lecture is that there is an identifiable process we can use to get ourselves back on track to a productive approach to life, whenever we veer off the productive path. The productive path in life is defined by knowing how the Laws of Living actually function and realizing that if I am in pain, I am in error, and most likely my error is some form of denial of truth. This is usually some form of blaming outside people and circumstances for an unpleasant emotion or circumstance in my life.

One of the difficulties that arose for people in this lecture is Dr. Ryce’s use of the labels “Winner” and “Loser” for those who choose to live on either the “upper path”, or the “lower path” respectively. This led to some confusion about whether people are actually either one or the other, “Winner” or “Loser”. The clarification I offered is that whenever I choose to deny truth and blame others for what I am feeling, I am choosing the “lower path”. If I consistently choose this path, I will experience my life as being full of conflict and myself as being a victim. This will result in my traveling the lower path and choosing to live life as a “Loser”, (one who always feels victimized and attacked). There is no such thing as a “Loser” or “Winner” in the absolute sense, because anyone can choose either path at anytime. We all have times when we get triggered to feeling negative emotions so intensely that we blame others or our circumstances for what we are feeling. At that moment we are traveling the “lower” path. When we recognize this we can use the tools of Forgiveness and Love of Truth to return ourselves to the “upper” path and restore our awareness to our true nature as the energy of Love. The details of the processes by which we can get derailed and back on track are spelled out very clearly in this wonderful lecture by Dr. Ryce.

After the discussion a group member decided to work on a Reality Management worksheet and it turned into a very powerful session with lots of emotion which stirred the emotions of many other group members. The process was especially intense because the worksheet was about one member’s family of origin, which often stirs a lot of emotions for everyone in the room. Again I wish to thank each and every person who was present for their willingness to share and support others as they do the work of removing anything that is less than Love from their mind and body’s energy system.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

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