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The Circle of Life and How to Play It – Part 1

This lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce focuses on the use of a tool which amounts to a map of the choices we can make when we respond to events in our lives. Dr. Ryce described two possible paths, “The Upper Path” and “The Lower Path. “The Lower Path” leads eventually to pain, loneliness and dis-ease. “The Upper Path” leads to comfort, healthy loving relationships and health. A key idea in this lecture is that in order to get where we want to go in life we must know to things; we must know the destination, and we must be willing to honestly accept, and accurately define, where we are.

So, Dr. Ryce describes two separate patterns of responses to whatever events occur in life. One is focused on the knowledge that each of us creates our own internal realities and the other is focused on blaming others and the world around us for our internal realities.

People on “The Lower Path” deny and suppress their feelings and thereby block any useful information from coming into their awareness. These people fall into the cycle of being the victim and the hero in their interactions with others, and they are always blaming others for what they don’t like in their lives.

The people who choose “The Lower Path” are focused on Right vs. Wrong thinking and they are always willing to tell people how they are right and everyone else is wrong. When these people bump into the truth, it causes them stress and they blame the truth or the one who showed them the truth for causing their discomfort. Their adaptive mechanisms are all about denial, suppression, drug and alcohol use, and holding their breath.

For these people their personal code is “If I am in pain, you did it to me!” Therefore these people feel dis-empowered and they live in a state of destructive dissatisfaction. They throw tantrums and the adults on this path get depressed or full of rage. For these people things are important and they are takers who don’t care about how their “taking” influences others.

People who “Take The Upper Path” work to stay open to their feelings and don’t deny and suppress them. The are therefore able to use information from a variety of sources to learn how to respond differently. These people take response-ability for what they are feeling and how they choose to respond to what happens in their lives and they refuse to see themselves as either victim or hero.

The people who choose “The Upper Path” are focused on “Right”(for me), vs. “Not Right” (for me), thinking and they refuse to judge others as being wrong because they don’t want that energy in their system. When these people bump into the truth, it causes them stress and they welcome the truth, or the one who showed them the truth, for helpful the information it provides, so that they can make corrections within themselves. Their adaptive mechanisms are all about acceptance of Truth, self-correction, the energy of Love, forgiveness work, and breathing.

For these people their personal code is “If I am in pain, I am in error!” Therefore these people feel empowered and they live in a state of Constructive dissatisfaction. They accept response-ability for what they are feeling, and work to use their tools to dismantle and cancel the false realities, they have constructed, which have caused their pain. For these people, relationships are more important than things. These people know that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin and that neither is truly possible without the other.

The people on “The Upper Path” are working to realize the actuality in their lives that:

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

The following is being supplied because of a request from several group members this week.

The mental short form for The Reality Management Worksheet: 1. My mind convinces me that my trigger _____ causes my feelings ______. 2. My reality is my responsibility, strictly internal, unique to me, and is created by my personal and genetic mind energy. 3. I locate and CANCEL my goal ______ (clear my mind). 4. Rookha d’ Koodsha /Holy Spirit – please assist me to reset Rakhma & Khooba, change my reality, its effects; and learn the TRUTH. 5. I reconnect with my source, ask for restoration to Love, and send Love to, ______ (trigger). I offer you, (trigger) ____(a loving goal).

Rakhma – is a filter in the mind over intentions, which allows only intentions keyed to Love to be available as raw material for use in setting my goals, which are drivers for my realities.

Khooba – is a filter in the mind over perceptions that allows only units of perceptual memory keyed to Love to be available for structuring my personal Reality, my guidance.

Rookha d’ Koodsha – The active force from God in the human mind that breaks off the effect of errors and teaches us the truth. The force for that which is proper for humans, the denial of which leaves us in un-forgiveness! The “SuperProcessor.”

More information is available at

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