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Take Charge of Your Own Health!

Dr. Morter has been creating and improving his health system for forty years. The basis of his system is putting the patient in control of their health so that they are constantly working to improve their health and strengthen their immune system. He insists that the traditional medical model is dead even though it has not yet been buried.

There are a growing number of options for people who don’t want to wait until they are ill and then go to the doctor for a pill to remove their symptoms. Dr. Morter has developed the B.E.S.T. system as just one of these options. I highly recommend this system because it focuses on several key components that are not included in many other systems.

One key component to the Morter health system is the awareness of the body’s acid/alkaline balance. There have been many complex books written recently about the need to decrease the acidity in the body, but Dr. Morter makes this process easy to understand.

Another important aspect of the Morter health system is the recognition that our thoughts create physical responses in our bodies. Negative thoughts and beliefs create a stress response which produces acid, among other things, that needs to be eliminated.

The Morter Health System blends the knowledge of the body’s physiology, the body’s energy systems and the psychology of emotions into one comprehensive system for health. They are not the only system which does this, but they are perhaps the most comprehensive and well established.

Check out Morter Health Systems at www.morter.com They have a listing of providers on their website so you can even visit a practitioner to learn the benefits first hand.

Live Connected, Congruent and Flowing!

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