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Dear Friends,

I have been privileged to run the Mindshifter Support Group for over 11 years now. In that time many wonderful individuals have taken part and shared their talents and their Love. Recently, one of our members who is a very talented artist and writer made an observation and then later wrote a piece which I feel moved to share.


August 9, 207 – Shen said: “I have run into a lot of teachers who have a good message. Then after a while they think it is the best message. Then after a while they think it is the only message. Then after a while they think they are the message.”

8/21/2017 – Shen wrote:

Are you ready?

This is an important message from your teacher-preacher-guru-mentor. Please listen closely. I have found a great piece of truth and I really want you to understand. Sometimes I want this so much the desire blinds me. Instead of simply sharing the truth, knowing you will get exactly what you need, I try to force it down your throat. I scream instead of whispering and my words come out in an ultimatum. I fume at you to heed my truth or else! I’m sorry. The or else is a lie.

I am human. I live and love in a human way. Sometimes all I can do is back away, silently, and let you find your own way. Sometimes I cry for what I have failed to impart. Sometimes the beauty of the message itself brings me to tears. Sometimes, because I know a truth, I think I know all truth. I come to believe my bit of truth is the answer to everything and forget we are all on the same, endless journey. Sometimes I believe what I offer is so important I should be compensated. Sometimes I speak the truth but forget to live it. Sometimes I fall so far you begin to doubt even the best I had to offer.

Truth is ever truth. We all hold pieces of it and we all long to be known in our truth. If we all gather what pieces we can and share them as we can and remember what we can, we will come to understand that we are all Teachers Preachers Gurus and Mentors. We have wisdom for each other but even more importantly for ourselves.

To be human is to carry our piece of truth to the vastness of all and to respect each vibrant, essential fragment others carry and to forgive each other and ourselves when we stray from what we know. Sometimes it is our missteps that best demonstrate the full meaning of our truth to others and to ourselves. Sometimes we need to see the glass empty before we can appreciate the drink when it’s full.

Your best wisdom is inside you. I’m listening if you are ready to share.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

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