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Some of My Favorite Quotes From The Mirror Theory: by Betsy Otter-Thompson

“Fear is created by refusing to face the truth about our lives.  But as soon as we do, fear disappears.  It only lives in a soul that refuses to make a decision.  To heal is to walk right into whatever we think is paralyzing us.”

“It may seem to you that some people are more gifted than others, but gifts are chosen for the wisdom they offer the soul. … How many you have is not what makes or breaks your journey.  How you deal with the ones you have is.”

“Didn’t Jesus’ friends become wise as a result of knowing him?  No, they become wise from  knowing themselves.”

“Eventually he realized that excellence wasn’t about how well he did something; it was about how well he felt in the doing.  As soon as he started loving the process he started loving the continuity.”

“Jealousy gains a foothold

When you lose a grip on

The only solid footing you have –

Your own tender expression””

“Nothing valuable goes from one person to another, unless that transfer carries love.”

“What am I supposed to do with all my garbage history?  The first thing you can do is to give it a name with reverence instead of mockery.  Call it the  love of God in search of self.”

“Then what’s the good of going back to my youth as a means of therapy?  The good comes from finding all the good reasons for living it.  Hasn’t it gotten you to this moment of greater awareness?  And isn’t that worthy of praise?”

“How easy it is to forget that what I perceive as a handicap has been leading me to the true purpose for which I came here to live; how easy it is to forget that I don’t take anything with me when I leave the body behind except for the love I found while in it.  And how easy it is to forget that although the picture I experienced was often hard to endure, the inspiration that followed truly changed my life.”

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