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Saturday The Emotional Freedom Technique Class 2/21/2015

I am honored to be teaching The Emotional Freedom Technique once  again this Saturday Feb. 21, 2015 at Relax 4 Life in Barrington, IL.  This is one of the most powerful and empowering classes I have ever taught, because the participants leave with a tool that can change their lives for the better.  The participants will get lots of practice in using the Emotional Freedom Technique, for a wide variety of mental, emotional and physical discomforts.

This is a tool which stands on its own, and is a powerful adjunct to many other types of therapy.  I have continued to receive unsolicited testimonials from past students, clients, and patients, about how they have used this tool to dramatically improve the quality of their lives.

Please join us if  you are interested, or forward this information to anyone you think may be interested.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love!  Everything else is false.

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