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Requesting A Little Favor and Some Feedback

Dear Friends,

As I have written in some past posts, I have made a commitment to a new project focused on increasing public awareness of the Mindshifter tool, the Reality Management Wake-up/Worksheet tool, the Mindshifters Radio Podcast/Internet Radio Show, and a host of other tools available at, hosted by Dr. Michael and Jeanie Ryce.

Today I launched another tool in that project – a new website that is just the beginning –

There isn’t much of anything new on that site, for those of you who have been following this blog, and/or the Podcast/Internet Show for the last 8 years, or attending the Mindshifters Support Groups either in person, or through the internet video conferencing.

The reason for this post is to ask for your assistance in visiting the website, reading the text for errors, clicking on the links from various platforms, (mobile, laptop, desktop, etc), and giving me the feedback on your experience. I am just learning all the ins and outs of TypeForm, and I am building this website myself with WordPress, so the glamour won’t be there, but hopefully, with your input, the functionality will be there soon.

Just a reminder that Mindshifters Radio Podcast is now two hours each weekday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Central Time, and I am hosting the first hour, with Dr. Michael and Jeanie Ryce hosting the second hour. Info is Here

Thanks in advance for your time to test things out, and give me some feedback.

We Come From Love. We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love. Everything else is false.

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