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Recording of Thursday Group 12-27-2018 Now Available

Dear Friends,

I have finished editing the audio from the the Thursday Night Mindshifters Group for 12-27-2018, and uploaded it to my website.

In this week’s meeting we listened to the Interpretation of The Beatitudes from Jayem, who channeled The Way of Mastery. His work with the ancient Aramaic language, and his understanding of the deeper teachings of Yeshua, are fully on display in this work with The Beatitudes, and his commentary on the new interpretation of the ancient Aramaic, directly into the English language.

These writings offer us a very practical approach to living our lives in a more open, allowing, and Loving way.

The full recording is available Here

Part 1 is available Here and contains the whole of the Beatitudes reading and commentary from Jayem, with a little introduction and commentary from me.

Part 2 is available Here and contains the group discussion following the Beatitudes presentation.

Thanks for reading and listening! As always, comments are welcome. Please pass this message along to anyone you feel may benefit from this work.

We Come From Love. We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love. Everything else is false.

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