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On Creating Consciously Part 1

The Mindshifters group on Tuesdy watched the first half of the Michael Ryce lecture titled, On Creating Consciously. This lecture takes a look at the process by which each of us creates our internal reality and how this literaly shapes our experience of the world. Using the analogy of someone who knows nothing about metal, motors, airplanes, or anything mechanical, who comes upon a spinning airplane propeller, Dr. Ryce demonstrates the process by which we form our impressions of the world around us.

For example if someone sees a spinning airplane propeller and it is spinning fast enough, they will not be able to see the individual blades which make up the propeller and the propeller will appear to them to be a solid object. In much the same way, because our eyes cannot detect the speed of movement and the different energies which make up the “physical human body”, we believe that what we are seeing is solid and very limited, when in fact it is not solid and no where near as limited as we believe.

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