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My Talk at Unity Sprititual Center in Woodstock 7-5-2015

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share the audio file for the talk I gave yesterday at the Unity Spiritual Center in Woodstock and convey my gratitude to Ken Johnson who so eloquently played a song before the talk, and a song immediately following the talk, which to my mind made the talk a beautiful thing.  The song Ken played so skillfully prior to the talk was Peter Mayer’s song, Holy Now.  The song Ken played immediately after the talk was Peter Mayer’s song, My Soul.  These songs can be heard on YouTube in various versions by Peter Mayer, and I must say that Peter’s versions are almost as heartfelt and inspiring as what Ken provided to us during the service yesterday.

You can listen to the talk on my website here

I wish to also extend my gratitude to the Community at the Unity Spiritual Center in Woodstock, for hosting my Mindshifters Group each Tuesday, and for occasionally asking me to address the congregation.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love!  Everything else is false.

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