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My Favorite Quotes From "The Mirror Theory" Vol. 2

“Don’t I get more holy by putting the needs of others first?” Since you can’t get any holier than you are, the only game is to recognize holiness.”

“As soon as you think Someone else has to change To make you happier, The answer to happiness Is lost.”

“I hate ego Charlie! Then it is winning its battle with you. Ego doesn’t care what makes you hateful, only that you are.”

“A person only suppresses when coping is difficult, but coping is equivalent to acceptance. Healing comes as soon as you ask why a certain emotion is horrible in the first place? Yes, I know its probably because someone told you it was. But who is that someone else? Isn’t it just another soul searching for Love? Why would that somebody else be more of an authority on okay feelings than you are?”

“Some are better at letting in light than others, but all have the free will to do it. Some look within to find it; some look without. But just because a soul belongs to this or that organization doesn’t mean its light is any brighter. Awareness has to do with how well you know yourself, not how well you tell others what you know.”

“As soon as life is appreciated, the wonder is understood. Philosophical questions are helpful or not depending on how you feel while pondering them. The soul in appreciation looks for all the good reasons it exists. The soul in doubt looks for the opposite, and if that isn’t masochistic, I don’t know what is.”

…nothing is a gift if the giver isn’t loved in the process.”

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