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Mindshifters Support Group 8-20-2013

Last night’s support group was attended by 14 loving souls who watched the first half of Dr. Ryce’s video titled “On Creating Consciously”. This lecture discusses the process by which we create with our Mind Energy and how we have no choice about whether we will create, we can only choose what we create. We can create from a space of Love or a space of Fear and Hostility. The wisdom of the ancients tells us that we always get what we focus our mind energy upon, and therefore we get what we ask for. Therefore if we have things show up in our lives which we don’t like, our task is to discover how it is we are asking for that energy or experience. For the person who says they have prayed for money to come into their life for twenty years, and they still never have enough money, they need to explore the details of how they are praying and how much and with what kind of energy. In the example given in the lecture the man spent ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening each day praying for more money. Then he went about his day, working two jobs, feeling overwhelmed complaining about how little he was paid and how hard he worked and complaining about the constant lack of money. The twenty minutes of quiet prayer asking for more money were nothing compared to the hours of deep emotional turmoil and complaining that this man spent each day on his lack of money. The ancient scriptures tell us, “Ask and Receive”, “You will reap as you sow.” This man’s creation was in perfect alignment with how he focused his mind energy. Twenty minutes a day of quietly focusing on asking for more, and hour upon hour of intense emotional energy focused on the lack of money and his resentment of same.

The group then discussed some of these concepts and people shared about the things these concepts stirred up for them. One member shared a worksheet and did a wonderful job of describing how her initial conscious focus on “eating sugar” and the fear of getting diabetes, were simply distractions to another very emotional and upsetting event that happened when she was a child. Her description of the process was highly illuminating and very instructive for some of our newer members who are still struggling to grasp the Reality Management Worksheet process.

This sharing led to the sharing of another member who was still processing the effects of a worksheet issue she shared last week. This member shared about how she did not feel resolution after the worksheet she did last week in the group and that she was so agitated and upset that she did not sleep last Tuesday night. She described how she stayed with the process of focusing on what she was feeling until eventually she realized that the upset she had from last week was not at all about the issues that her conscious mind was telling her it was about. She shared that she realized she was feeling very uncomfortable with all the support, tenderness and caring she received from the group last week. This helped connect her to the realization that she has struggled with accepting tenderness from people for as long as she can remember. She made the connection between this realization and the fact that her mother had lost a child who only lived one month, just a few months before her mother became pregnant with her. She realized that her mother was overwhelmed with negative emotions and did not want to be pregnant and that is part of why she never felt wanted or welcomed by her mother.

The group offered to simply sit with this member and send her Love and loving thoughts and energy to see how that would feel to her now. The experience was powerful and instructive, and was only possible because of the willingness of this member to stay with her feelings and openly share with the group.

Again, I wish to thank each and every person who was in attendance last night and all of those who have attended this group over the years, to add their love and willingness to work to remove everything that is unlike Love from their minds and bodies, and therefore open the space for healing for themselves and others.

To access the Reality Management Worksheet for free visit

We Come From Love, We Are Made of Love, We Are Love! Everything Else Is False.

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