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Mindshifters Support Group 11-12-2013

Last night the Mindshifters Support group in Woodstock, IL watched the first hour of the lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce titled: A New Beginning – A Lesson From A Course In Miracles.

I have written about this lecture in other posts, and here all I will say about it is that it is a wonderful tool for deciding and then creating the kind  of day one would like to have.  There are many difficulties and cultural trends which argue against the tools presented in this lecture and they are all centered around blaming others and events outside of us for whatever happens in our lives or within our minds and bodies that we don’t like.  As I was preparing to write this post I saw a headline on an Internet website which read: “Blaming others is a sign of good health” The article went on to say that people who blame others when they misplace their car keys will actually live longer and “stay younger longer”.

It is this kind of thinking which is presented to the public as though it is scientifically proven, (by using the words, “research suggests”.), that helps keep the garbage conditioning  in place.  This is the kind of conditioning which keeps us being good little consumers and good little soldiers and good little puppets of various kinds, because it keeps us focused on people and events outside of us, which we cannot change.  This keeps us chasing around wasting our energy on trying to change others and events rather than focusing on what is actually creating our experience of life in each moment.  The thing that creates our experience of life in each moment is the choice we make about where to focus our conscious awareness.  If we focus this conscious awareness on our True Nature as the energy of creation, or Love, this will be our experience in each moment.

This lecture on A New Beginning is all about learning that I am creating my experience in each moment and that if I choose to think  certain thoughts, those thoughts will produce a certain result or emotion within my mind and body’s energy system.  This process has nothing to do with what happens around me and what other people are doing, saying or feeling.  However, I can certainly create a picture in my mind of all kinds of rationalizations, and even hallucinations which will “prove” to me that others and outside events are causing my experience.  Perhaps it is time to wake up from our dreams of separation and our hallucinations!

The other point I wanted to make about the support group tonight comes directly from one of the thirteen people who were in attendance.  He made a special point at the end of the evening, while trying to breathe through his intense emotions, that the support group is currently composed of a wonderful mixture of loving and dedicated people who are creating such a loving and supportive atmosphere in that room, that it is unlike anything he has ever experienced. He said this at the end of the meeting, following yet another powerful, and intensely emotional Reality Management Worksheet process that was completed by another member in the group.  The Reality Management Worksheet Process is available absolutely FREE at

I agree with his observation completely!  The quality of the people and the intention to support each other in integrating, and some would say healing, the energies which are less than Love is beyond my ability to express it in words.

Thank You One and All!

We Come From Love, We Are Made of Love, We Are Love!  Everything else is  false.

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