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Mindshifters Radio and Aramaic Fridays All Year Long

Dear Friends,

It  is my great pleasure to announce that Dr. Michael Ryce has not only been hosting one of the most powerful and personally transforming Internet Radio Shows for three solid years now, five days a week, including holidays, but he has also just secured the commitment from Dale Allen Hoffman to be on the show each Friday for the entire year of 2014!

You can currently go to the archives and listen to the last three sets of Aramaic Fridays from when Dale has been on the show for each of the Fridays of March in 2012, the Fridays of January 2013, and now the Fridays of January 2014.

Now you can look forward to an Aramaic Friday each week during 2014.  Dale has made the commitment to either be on the show each week, or arrange to have one of his friend who is also studying and applying the ancient Aramaic work to their lives, be on the show in his place.

I am excited to be part of the process of studying and applying these lessons to my life and I invite you to join us, either live or through the archives for Aramaic Fridays and the process of looking deeper into what was given in the ancient teachings of how to live life from the conscious awareness of our true nature as the energy of creation and Love.


We Come From Love, We Are Made of Love, We Are  Love!  Everything else is false.

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