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Mindshifters Group and Bruce Lipton

Last night in the Mindshifters Group at the Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock, IL, we watched the first half of the lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce titled Getting The Stress You Need.  In the discussion after the video it became clear that there is resistance to some of the new concepts that were being introduced and discussed in the video.  The topic of dogma came up and we explored the definition of dogma as “an unquestioned belief”.  We then tried to state clearly that what we are discussing in the support group is not open for debate, but it is always open for observation.  As we work in this group, we don’t want anyone to believe anything we say, or present.  We truly want people to question these things for themselves and observe what happens in their lives when they apply the practical tools which are presented to improve their lives.

One of the references from the discussion last night was to Bruce Lipton and his groundbreaking work to dispel the strongly held dogma in science which is called the primacy of DNA.  This unquestioned belief has led to the conclusion that we are the victims of our biology and specifically our DNA.  Bruce has clearly demonstrated that this theory was never proven and in fact is clearly wrong.  The truth is more in line with a statement that “We are the architects of our DNA”.  If it is true that we are not the victims of fate, or what other people say or do, or the events in our lives,  this would be a very important thing to know, and to begin to teach ourselves and our children as soon as possible.

I am including two links in this  post to videos of Bruce Lipton talking about this very topic.  The first is 34 minutes in length and was sponsored by a group which I do not endorse.  (The reason I don’t endorse this group is that they market their work so heavily and keep presenting opportunities for you to buy their videos and website access.)  So instead, I refer people to the website run by the creator of EFT – Gary Craig – at  I do this because  of the quality and integrity of Gary’s work, and the volume of material he makes available to people for FREE.

The reason for including this link is that, in my opinion, this is well edited to present one of the most concise and understandable presentations of Bruce Lipton’s work, and how it is relevant to our everyday lives.

The second link is to a video which is 46 minutes long and is not edited, and so it is not as concise or quite as easy to understand.

I welcome any feedback on these two videos and any questions about why I feel this is relevant to the work we do in Mindshifters groups and the worksheet process, and other tools presented by Dr. Michael Ryce.


We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

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