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Just Do The Worksheet

This week the Mindshifters group watched the first half of the lecture titled, “Purpose, Personal Power, and Commitment”, by Dr. Michael Ryce The thing that struck me most about the lecture this time around was the statement that we need to make a choice between playing the world’s game or choosing to build a strong spiritual self. Dr. Ryce makes the point that we have been conditioned for centuries to be good commercial consumers and obedient citizens, by people who want to collect all the material goods for themselves.

Dr. Ryce proposes a way to get clear about what your purpose is, and then use that purpose to focus your energy so that you are much more powerful and productive. He states that each of us has a purpose for being here, and specific talents that will allow us to fulfill that purpose. He also states that each of us has access to the same personal power as everyone else! This means that each of us is potentially more powerful than we can even imagine. This is why we each need to tap into our own internal intelligence, and not try to follow anyone else.

When we were finished discussing the lecture we turned our attention to the work people had done during the week and in last week’s group. After some discussion I asked if anyone wanted to do a Reality Management worksheet to demonstrate the process for some of our new members. Since no one else wanted to volunteer, I decided to do a worksheet to demonstrate. I chose what I thought was a very minor topic related to something I had done over the weekend. As I stepped through the process I identified that I had felt sadness, and worry during the events described in the worksheet. As I thought and wrote about the events, I was able to get in touch with the sadness, and the worry, and the specific thoughts that gave rise to each of them but I was not feeling particularly upset. This was, as I had expected, a fairly simple issue which had very little emotional intensity for me, and was only mildly uncomfortable.

As I worked through the worksheet, I reached the step where I created a positive goal for the person whom I identified as the trigger for the emotions I was feeling. Then comes the process of cancelling the goal I hold for the other person, so that I can see the hidden and projected parts of myself.

Much to my surprise when I did this, about this “safe”, “little” interaction I had over the weekend, I was moved to tears. I realized that the sadness and worry I felt about the situation were really easy to experience compared to the intense feeling of helplessness that came flooding through when I cancelled my goal for the other person. I shed tears and discussed feelings I had no idea were hiding behind my thoughts, emotions, and punishment thoughts – as outlined in the first few steps of the worksheet process. Feeling helpless is not fun! I had hidden this very effectively, and rationalized feeling sad and worried. Don’t worry I feel much better now.

The point of my telling this story is that, once again, I was surprised by the power and effectiveness of the worksheet process, even when I thought the issue was simple and trivial. So, no matter how small the upset, or how trivial the interaction that sparked it, JUST DO THE WORKSHEET! You will often be surprised at what you find. It is seldom what you thought it was upon first review.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

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