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Healing Through Relationships – Dr. Michael Ryce

Last night our Mindshifters group watched the first half of the Dr. Ryce lecture titled, Healing Through Relationships. The things which jumped out at me were Dr. Ryce’s definition of a Bias, as being “unperceived brain cell energy”. He went on to say that any Bias becomes the most powerful creative force in a person’s life, as when a Bias becomes active, it blocks us from reason and effectively turns our I.Q. to zero. This is powerful in many ways, but the simple explanation is that whenever something is having a powerful effect on us, and we are unaware of it, there is nothing we can do to change the situation or correct it. When a Bias becomes active in our minds, and remember this means that we are not able to perceive it, the Bias becomes the thing that drives our perception, words and behaviors.

The question then becomes, “how do we learn to break the effect of a Bias if we are unable to know it is there? One way is to monitor our feelings and to understand that “When I am in pain, I am in error.” This means that I need to learn to monitor my own thoughts and feelings, as though I were watching myself from the outside. Then whenever I am blocked, or feeling a negative emotion, or thinking negative thoughts, I will be able to catch myself and say, “If I am in pain, I am in error.”, and begin looking for the source of my error.

The discussion in the second part of the meeting kept coming back to the need for me to watch my thoughts and emotions, with the innocence of a child, and to catch myself whenever I am judging anyone or anything, including myself. When I develop the habit of watching my thoughts and emotions from a distance, and with the peaceful innocence of a child, I am able to see the error of my ways and to choose another thought or another feeling.

If I see that I am judging someone else and then get angry with myself for being in judgment, I am judging again and adding contraction, pain, frustration and fear, to contraction, pain, frustration and fear. The goal is to be able to watch all of my thoughts and emotions without judging them as good or bad, and to understand that I can choose be in the energy of Love or the energy of fear. I can choose to be in innocence or judgement. Love and innocence are of healing and growing. Fear and judgement are of dis – ease and death.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

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