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Getting Into The Feeling

On Friday October 2nd I went to see Dr. Wayne Dyer give a talk. I have been reading and following his works and writings, off and on again, since 1976. I felt as though I was going to see an old friend speak. The talk was very nice. He mentioned at the beginning that he was going to share new material from a new book he is writing, and that this new material was so powerful that we would be able to see the changes in him as he talked about it.

The essence of the new material Dr. Dyer presented is that one needs to see themselves having achieved whatever they want to achieve, and then feel the feelings associated with having already achieved that goal. Now, for many who have watched Dr. Michael Ryce’s videos and worked with the Reality Management Worksheets, this is not new material. In fact, there was a book written by Lynn Grabhorn titled, Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting!, in which the primary message of the book is that, ‘just thinking positive thoughts is no where near as powerful as letting yourself truly feel the energy of the positive emotions flowing through your body’. So Lynn suggests that we let ourselves “turn-on” the energy flow and be in the energy flow several times a day. All one has to do is to remember a time when you felt a strong positive emotion, and then let yourself remember the moment fully, remembering as many little details as possible about the scene and how it felt until you can actually feel the energy of that emotion flowing through you again.

This is excellent advice and, I believe, it is also the only way to have lasting shifts in your energy and behavior, no matter what form of therapy or tool for self-help one is applying. The power of the energy of your emotions and the energetic shift that happens when we allow ourselves to feel the energy of positive emotions running through our bodies, and our energy systems, is infinitely more powerful than just thinking, passing positive thoughts. This also coincides with the work we do in the Mindshifters group, which acknowledges that Love heals, and that exposing anything that is unlike Love, to the positive energy of Love, results in transmuting/healing anything that is unlike Love. As The Way of Mastery reminds us, “Only Love Is Real”, and only Love can heal.

So, it is good to monitor one’s thoughts and choose carefully what one allows into consciousness, realizing that we are choosing all that we think, and therefore all that we feel. It is also highly recommended that we use the power of our creativity, and the energy of our emotions to choose to feel good about all the things we will bring into our experience when we have created consciously.

The Way of Mastery talks about the need to choose each thought very, very carefully because each thought we think sends ripples of energy through the field of our consciousness, and those ripples return to us with similar energy. The analogy is that of dropping a stone into a still, clear pool, and watching the ripples bounce off the edges of the pool and return to the center. The book also talks about the farmer who chooses each seed individually, and considers the energy of the seed as well as the physical appearance of the seed, and refuses to plant any seeds until he feels all the conditions are just right and each seed is one he would want to have growing in his garden.

As Mike Dooley always says at the end of his emails, “Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones!”

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

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