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Finding Your Focus and Removing Your Constraints

Last night in the Thursday Mindshifters Group in Crystal Lake, IL we watched another segment of the lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce titled Purpose, Personal Power, and Commitment. The point of this lecture is outline a specific way for each individual to create, clarify and continually revise their purpose for living and the things they choose to do for Service to others. In this way of looking at things, Service is like the rent we pay for being on this planet. Service becomes the vehicle through which we can express our individual talents and passions which make the life we are living and the world we are living in, more Loving, Respectful and Joyous.

After the video the discussion among attendees raised the issue of being stuck, even though the person felt they were clear about their purpose. We discussed how this is a common situation, and how the solution may lie in either the need to refine one’s purpose and vision of “How The World Will Look When It Is Perfect”, or the solution may lie in removing the negative thoughts, beliefs and traumatic energies one holds. The second solution is aided by all of the tools we use in the Mindshifters Group and the website where Dr. Ryce and Jeanie Ryce have made their tools available for FREE.

The list of tools is too long for this note, but includes, The Reality Management Worksheet, The Codependent To Interdependence Worksheet, the Mindshifters Tool, The Three Earliest Memories of Conflict Worksheet, and numerous others. The free material also includes the ability to read the entire book, Why Is This Happening To Me Again, and almost four years of archived audio files of the Internet Radio show including at least 12 specific shows in which someone has been helped through the Reality Management Worksheet process.

It was also observed, yet again last night, that almost every time someone in the group volunteers to do a worksheet, the theme for the worksheet chosen is an issue that several other people in the group are also struggling with. The power and consistency of this Synchronicity is amazing and helps to reinforce for those in attendance, “that we are all the same”, and that despite our outer differences, we each have much more in common with our fellow human beings than we can ever see if we are looking through the filters of Hostility or Fear.  So the key to True Perception is to restore our conscious awareness to our True Nature as The Extension of Love In form, by systematically removing everything that is unlike Love from our energy systems.

Thanks again to all those to choose to do this work and those who attend the Mindshifters Support Groups around the world.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything else is false.

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