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Fabulous Time at Heartland & The Way of Mastery VS ACIM

October 14th thru 17th I attended the Intensive at Heartland Healing Center outside of Theodosia Missouri. It was every bit as powerful, challenging and rewarding as it was two years ago when I went there for a nine day Intensive. I strongly recommend doing an Intensive program at Heartland to help you reach deeper levels of understanding about what is keeping you from staying consciously aware of your essence and your source – Love.

Thank you Michael, Jeanie, the entire Heartland staff and all of you who attended this Intensive as participants!

Visit and sign up now for one of next year’s Intensives to secure a space and receive a special bonus for early registration.

Just before I left for the Intensive I received a blog entry from the gentleman who “channeled” The Way of Mastery. He was responding to questions he receives about the differences and perceived conflicts between The Way of Mastery and A Course In Miracles. I thoroughly enjoyed the article and wanted to share some of it with you and provide the link for the blog in case you are interested in reading the entire article.

Here is the beginning of the blog entry:

A student recently asked: “What is the difference between ACIM (A Course in Miracles) and Way of Mastery and where do they conflict?”

First, perceived conflict – when looking upon teachings that come from the very highest levels of Wisdom – is not in the teachings themselves, but reveals the current limit of our own limit of awareness. Having said that, let me begin by sharing a critical, universal truth that all seeking awakening must begin with. This is the way Jeshua put it to me many years ago:

Teaching is an art, not a science, and all forms of teaching but serve to sever the mind or soul from its infatuation with the illusions it has generated, and then entered into.

The wise teacher speaks the language of the student first, then leads them beyond the very limits they do not know imprisons them.

Both ACIM and The Way of Mastery (WOM) are expressions of this teaching art aimed at reaching downward into the labyrinth of where the student is, and providing ways and means to enter and – depending on the devotion, desire, and commitment of the student – to move through the process of enlightenment.

I am not an ACIM student. I am a disciple of Jeshua, who is the Master Teacher ‘in charge of the Atonement.’ He has selectively led me to small segments of ACIM, and – as far as I can tell – there is no conflict at all if one goes far enough in the enlightenment process. I have had many, many Course students come to me – and to WOM – who, frankly, seem to be suffering in a ‘stuckness’. It appears that they get stuck in a purely mental approach to waking, and this is a very common malaise that can occur if one doesn’t have access to teachers who have themselves gone beyond the level of purely mental/intellectual understanding, for they will be limited to meeting the student’s deeper obstructions with little more than recourse to ideas and statements about Reality, but don’t necessarily have the skillful art that can operate at subtle/deep levels of soul itself, nor even know how to “seduce” the mind out of its ruts of thinking/perceiving.

In a nutshell, SOME students, following the lead of some ACIM teachers, say the body and world are simply unreal (there is a sense in which this is true) and thus tend to discount feeling, breath, and any need to participate in growing one’s capacity to serve others.

Personally, I know that phase of the waking process. It’s actually found in many forms of spirituality around the world. Unfortunately, it can be a clever way to avoid any really ownership of egoic patterns, as well as submission to real transformation. Seeing the unreality of world, self, and purpose of Creation is actually a first step; as extraordinary as it may seem. What is often missed is the overall context of ACIM and a lack of understanding of where it fits along the spectrum of awakening, and the audience it relates to. There are certainly passages in it that reveal what comes once the radical correction in what I call the ‘seat of the soul’ is truly completed.

Enjoy, and remember –

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false!

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