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Expansion of Step Nine in the Reality Management Worksheet

Reality ManagementWorksheet – Expansion of Step 9 of the 12 step form.

9. A. The first casualty of desire is the Truth! Perception, which was meant to be the light for my earthly life, is the servant of purpose. If I hold any purpose more important than Love, my mind distorts my reality! [My mind will show me “evidence” to “prove” how those things I want are more important than Love.]

[My perception is also distorted whenever I am feeling any form or hostility or fear. When I am aware of feeling any form of hostility or fear, I am perceiving things inaccurately, and reacting from false negative perceptions from the past, as well as creating false, distorted realities in the present moment.]

In order to collapse my false reality, (anything based in hostility or fear), and get back to the Truth, I cancel my goal for #1A to (copy exactly from #6) _______________________________________________________________



9. B. I invite ________________ (Rookha d’Koodsha – Holy Spirit – God), to incline me toward healing __, restore me to my original nature, LOVE __, assist me in keeping LOVE present __, and help me to see and own the inner, deeper, hidden and projected parts of myself __.

[These deeper, hidden parts of myself are what gave rise to my goal for #1A in step #6. I recognize that cancelling my focus on a desire for something outside of me to change, opens up a window for me to see inside myself to the part of me that feels I am not whole and complete, or believes in some way that I do not deserve to have what I am asking for with the goal in step #6. I now take the time, and ask for assistance in seeing how the negative feelings and beliefs I have hidden from myself have actually caused my pain and given rise to the need for me to do this worksheet process today. ]

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