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Everything That Works is Like Everything That Works

Dear Friends,

I have been in the "helping professions" for 47 years now, and I continue to observe that everything which is Truly helpful, is similar to whatever else is Truly helpful. When I learned about NET, (the neuro-emotional technique), I soon learned that several similar systems based on knowledge of the acupuncture meridians were cropping up in Australia and the United Kingdom at the same time.

For years on the Mindshifters Radio podcast, I have suggested that if you don't find value in Dr. Michael Ryce's Reality Management Worksheet you can try Ho'opnonopono, or Byron Katie's Work, or The Sedona Release Method, etc. Most of these tools do very much the same thing and get wonderful results for those who use them consistently. I am invested in helping people get results using whatever works well for them.

Recently someone who listens to the Mindshifters Radio podcast wrote me from Germany and asked if I had ever heard of Diederik Wolsak RPC MPCP, and his Choose Again Six Steps to Freedom. This listener stated that I sounded like Diederik or perhaps Diederik was copying Dr. Ryce's work. I followed the link he gave me and watched a short YouTube video of the six-step process, then went and explored the website for this work. I found that the similarities are extensive and powerful. It is clear to me that both Dr. Michael Ryce and Diederik were studying some of the same source materials, or, their source materials shared source materials.

The value I see in have so many powerfully similar tools, (each being slightly to significantly different from the others), is that it improves the chances that more different personalities will eventually find a way to hear about the Truth. The Truth of what works to relieve suffering. Hopefully, they will find one or more that resonate with their style and way of working in the world. The more this happens the greater the chances that they will actually apply to tools in their lives and begin to live a more joyful, and fulfilling life.

With that in mind, if you are one of those people who see the value in working to use your negative emotional states as part of your innate guidance system, but have not resonated well with the Reality Management Worksheet process, you might check out t

his very similar work. You can see and print out the Six Steps to Freedom outline here

Whatever you choose, I hope you continue until you find the Joy and Peace that all the great spiritual teachings tell us Is Your Birthright!

We Come From Love! We Are Made Of Love! We Are Love! Everything else is false.

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