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Empowered To Heal

Last night we watched the first half of the Dr. Michael Ryce lecture titled: Empowered To Heal, which focused on the idea of health rather than disease.  Dr. Ryce discussed how the current medical model and advertisements for drugs and medical treatments are so strongly focused on the disease process.  He reminded us that advertisements for drugs begin with an intense, emotionally loaded story about the person who is suffering with the symptoms of the disease, and then they present the supposed solution, their drug or treatment.

Dr. Ryce suggests that we begin working with a focus on health and he proposes a definition for health as; “When we are living in and from our true nature of Love”.  He reminds us that the most ancient texts on this subject tell us that we are made in the image and likeness of the creator and that the creator is Love.  So it makes sense that we are made of the energy of love and that for us to be healthy we need to be living in and feeling this energy of Love at all times.  Dr. Ryce went on to quote Einstein on the nature of matter when he said that “What we have heretofore called matter is energy.  Energy that has been so slowed as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter.”.  This modern scientific mind seems to be telling us what ancient texts have long described.  God is the energy of Love and we are made in the image and likeness of God, which means we are made of the energy of Love.  Therefore anything that is unlike Love which we create and store in our bodies and energy systems, will cause dis-ease and eventually disease in the physical sense.

The lecture went on to review the major question in physics about  how energy sometimes behaves like a wave and sometimes behaves as a particle.  There is evidence to indicate that energy exists in wave form unless or until it is observed, at which point it behaves as particles.  This means that as we think about things and observe them and focus our mind energy on them, we change them in very real ways.  So if we hold an energy of fear in our minds we send out vibrations of “fear” and that energy interacts with the world around us and the world shows us things to be afraid of.  When we hold an energy of anger in our minds, that sends out vibrations of “anger” and that energy interacts with the world around us and the world shows us things to be irritated with. 

So our job is to remove any energy in our system which is less than Love and we are given tools for this process such as The Reality Management Worksheet.  In the support group portion of our meeting tonight we each worked on a Reality Management Worksheet and supported each other in the process and then shared the results.  The worksheet I chose to do focused on a recent incident of my getting angry when the computer and printer would not work properly.  As I did the worksheet I thought about the pattern I have in my life of getting angry with objects that don’t “work” properly.  During the worksheet process I thought about how I have always gotten more angry at things than people and that I allow myself to get more angry at things when I am alone, than when other people are around.  This showed me in a new way, how I am really angry at myself in each of these instances.  So the worksheet changed focus before it was finished and I finished the worksheet with a realization that I get angry with my inability to make things work correctly, or angry with myself for not planning things better, and giving myself more time to complete tasks and projects.  I realized that most of the anger I generate is in situations where I feel time pressured, and I fear failing.

By the end of the worksheet I saw that I was getting angry with myself for not being perfect, and for procrastinating, or not being smart enough to figure things out.  My goal for myself at the end of the worksheet was to accept myself as I am and see the Love I am made of.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love.  Everything else is false.

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