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Dr. Michael Ryce – Communication: "Did You Hear What I Think I Said?"

Tuesday night the Mindshifters group listened to the first half of the lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce on Responsibility Communication. Dr. Ryce clearly defines Responsibility Communication as being distinctly different from what most of our culture practices. Most of us are taught to use projection communication, which is based on blaming other people and situations for what we are feeling and experiencing.

Responsibility Communication is only possible when we realize that we are creating what we call our “reality” and that this “reality” is unique to each of us, and is caused solely by where we choose to focus our conscious awareness. When I create an experience for myself and then choose to blame someone, or something else for what I experience, I am practicing projection communication. Any communication which “blames” is projection communication. Any communication which clearly identifies me as the creator of my experience is Responsibility Communication.

Dr. Ryce introduces us to a Responsibility Communication worksheet during the lecture and it is available for free to download from his website There is also a wonderful book by Robert Bolton titled People Skills, which details much of the same essential skills for effective communication and can give some assistance with the mechanics of “Reflective Listening”. Dr. Ryce however is able to add depth and power to the process of Responsibility Communication by integrating the knowledge of the Forgiveness Process and difference between what actually happens and “the reality” I create in my own mind about what has actually happened.

I highly recommend the lecture for the examples he gives of two different letters which were written using Responsibility Communication, one for a personal issue and one for a business issue. These two letters and an understanding of the principles behind their construction make this video a must see for people who want to be empowered by their communication rather than frustrated by their mis-communication.

Once again the group provided a loving and supportive atmosphere for discussion and the space for me to work through a Reality Management Worksheet. My thanks to all those in attendance for your support and holding the energy of Love as I worked through the worksheet.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

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