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Dr. Michael Ryce and Jeanie in Woodstock All Week!

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I remind you that Dr.  Michael Ryce and his wife Jeanie have arrived in Woodstock, IL and have begun a series of FREE workshops, teaching tools that can change your life for the better.  The series continues tonight starting promptly at 7:00 pm and running each night this week from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

Dr. Ryce is a world class public speaker who is called by many, “A Teacher’s Teacher, and A Healer’s Healer”.  Dr. Ryce showed his incredible knowledge and teaching ability yesterday as he presented his foundational, four hour seminar, “Why Is This Happening To Me Again?”  The audience was treated to this fabulous presenter at the top of his form as he taught the practical application of the most powerful form of Forgiveness I have ever encountered in my Forty Years of doing therapy and all my years of going to post graduate trainings and seminars as a clinical psychologist.

The presentation was so powerful that I asked Dr. Ryce to stay another day and present it again next Sunday!

Tonight’s presentation is titled, “Empowered  to Heal” and is a wonderful  talk that blends science, philosophy, psychology and knowledge  of the Ancient Aramaic.  I recommend this lecture to people on a regular basis, and it is usually only available on DVD.  Tonight, you and anyone you care to share this with have  the opportunity to hear this powerful presentation  live, with all the energy and insights that can only come from sharing the room with a Master Teacher, and an audience of fellow learners.

Please join us tonight at 7:00 pm and share this message with anyone you think could benefit from this FREE workshop.  There will be an opportunity to donate to support this work at the end of the presentation, but there is no pressure to donate, and we are anxious to have anyone who could benefit from this work, be in attendance to share this healing and transforming experience.

The week’s workshops are held at the Unity Spiritual Center in Woodstock, IL at, 225 W. Calhoun St.  If you plan to attend all you need is your willingness.  Feel free to bring a note pad and paper if you like, as many people find the ideas so helpful and new to their ears that they want to take notes.

Thanks in advance for helping to spread the word about this exciting, and relatively rare opportunity for learning, healing, and growth.

We Come From Love.  We are Made of Love.  We Are Love.  Everything else is false.

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