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Dale Allen Hoffman Hosts Mindshifters Group Tonight

Tonight will be the final appearance of Dale Allen Hoffman in Woodstock, IL for quite some time.  Dale has graced our community with his presence, knowledge, and Loving energy since he arrived here Saturday evening – after driving straight through from his home in North Carolina.  Last night’s event with toning, crystal bowl, and hoop drum experiences was delightful beyond words.

Tonight Dale will give a talk for 45 minutes to an hour, and then will open the floor to any questions we have for him, about the ancient Aramaic, Yeshua – AKA Jesus, his disciples, his teachings, his life and times, Mary Magdalene, how to apply these teachings in our lives today, or anything else someone wishes to ask.

Please join us tonight from 6:30 – 9:00 pm at the Unity Spiritual Center 225 W. Calhoun St., Woodstock, IL, and help us show our appreciation to Dale for all his work, and the effort it took to bring this to us, all the way from North Carolina.  Due to the high demand for Dale’s time and personal appearances, and the work it is taking to launch his new book, it is uncertain when he will be available to return to this area.

I wish to express my gratitude to Dale, (and his family for sharing him with us).   I also wish to express my gratitude to Rev. Tom Wendt of the Unity Spiritual Center for agreeing to host Dale.

Finally, I want to thank all those people who attend our Mindshifters support group, either as regulars, or as occasional visitors, who continue to share their Loving energy and efforts, for making this community such a blessing in my life.

We Come From Love. We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love.  Everything else is false.

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