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Creating A Viable, Conscious, Spiritual Body

One of the themes of the last two lectures we have watched in the group is the idea of being clear about our purpose so that our intentions and therefore our goals can be “on target”.  If we are not clear about our purpose, our goals will be vague, and our energy will be scattered, and therefore less productive.  In the teachings we are studying, the primary purpose for everyone on the planet is the creation and strengthening of a viable, conscious, spiritual body.  This means a recognition that we are first and foremost eternal spiritual energy systems, made of the energy of Love.

Knowing this helps make it clear that all we really need to do in order to fulfill our primary purpose is to monitor our emotions and work to identify and eliminate any energy which is less than Love. The tools we can use to accomplish this can come from a wide variety of sources.  One key is to understand that it is our thoughts which create our emotions.  Another key is to understand that when we create negative emotions, negative energy is stored in our bodies and  energy systems.  It is this negative energy which is getting triggered and expressed whenever we are in pain, or emotional discomfort.  Whenever we are feeling pain, it is a gift that lets us know we have unresolved negative energy in our system, which we did not know was there.  If we do not know it is there, we cannot dismantle it and  remove it from our systems.  The longer the negative energy stays in our systems the more it dis-integrates our energy system, and eventually the physical body begins to break down.  This is the cause of our dis-ease and our disease.

With this in mind, the primary task for each of us can be said to be; “Watching how we feel and taking full response-ability for having created, and being able to dismantle, our negative emotions and pain”.  One theory holds that “The Universe” wants us to be whole, integrated, happy expressions of Love. As such IT continues to “kick us right in our limitations”, so that we become aware of what negative energy we have created and stored in our systems.  This gives us the possibility of dismantling it, and returning to Love and ease.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love.  Everything else is false.

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