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Comments on my Healing and Healers Post

Last week I received two comments on my post Healing and Healers. One was helpful, the other just angry. The helpful post commented that the healer in question does indeed facilitate others to use their body’s own energy to do the work of healing, and gave a more extensive quote from the website to substantiate this. The other comment was just angry and attacked me for what I wrote.

The comments I made were only sparked by what I saw on the television and I gave the website for that healer so that others could check it out for themselves. There is an old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The television show was probably, like most other shows, just trying to be controversial to promote their ratings and therefore giving a biased view of the work the healer does. The point of my article is not to focus on any specific healer but to address the general pattern of being passive with regard to our health.

The point I was making is that anyone who tries to tell you that you need them to heal, is no different from the physician, or the drug company that insists you need their procedure or product to heal or be healthy. What I am advocating is for each individual to be active in their pursuit of health, rather than waiting for illness or disease to take hold and then scramble around trying to find a “cure”. The cure that most physicians and drug companies offer is, most often, a masking or elimination of symptoms, rather than a lifestyle that facilitates the body’s health.

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