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Co-Dependence to Inter-Dependence

Last night the Mindshifters Group watched the second half of the lecture titled: Co-Dependence to Inter-Dependence. The definition of Co-Dependence for this lecture is the process of believing that someone else is responsible for anything I am feeling or experiencing. The process of projection was explained in even more detail. The process of projection requires that I have denied and suppressed thoughts and emotions within myself. Once this happens, and I have made the decision, often at the unconscious level, that I won’t accept or deal with things in my mind, I doom myself to projecting them onto the world I see. The world I experience is not the actual world. The world I experience is the product of my mind and the thoughts, memories and emotions that get triggered in my mind, most of which is unconscious and comprised of things I have denied and suppressed. Once these things get triggered, they make up my experience of the world, as I project them onto the image my mind creates of the people and things in my world.

What I “see” in others and the world around me, always tells me more about me than it does about others and the world. Until I have uncovered and dismantled every thought, emotion, and conclusion which I have denied and suppressed, I cannot hope to “see” the world accurately. My internal reality is driven by the process of “Blockage of Truth”. Until I make “Love of Truth” the most important thing in my life, I will have no hope of seeing the world accurately. Perception is the servant of purpose, and when I tell my mind that I am right, my perception will organize the evidence to show me how I am right. The only hope I have of seeing Truth, is to value Truth more than being right. This is a very tall order for us as humans, raised in a culture which values “being right”.

Another point which jumped out at me about this lecture is the definition for the word “Decide”. The root of the word means “to cut off, or kill”. It is the same as the words, homicide, suicide, genocide, etc. The word “decide” may be said to mean: “To cut off choice”. In this way it is the end of the spiritual faculty of “Choice”. The ability to be “In Choice” requires that we be able to see what is actually happening in the world, without the effects of personal distortion and the effects of denial, suppression and projection. The process of forgiveness is a tool for dismantling the process of denial, suppression and projection. See for the free download titled: The Reality Management Worksheet.

This lecture once again reminds us that the root of all healing is the ability to hold Love conscious, active and present, and hold this state whenever anything unlike Love arises. When anything unlike Love is exposed to the energy of Love, the energy gets transmuted and the energy of Love is all that is left.

This lecture also describes the process that all of us have gone through, in which a parent becomes a power person for a child, and the child gives up her connection to her source of Love, in order to seek the approval of the parent. When this happens, the child learns to define the approval of the parent as Love. This leads us to be human doings, rather than human beings. We get busy doing things trying to gain the approval of those we want to “love” us, rather than focusing our awareness on the reality that:

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

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