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Choosing Love in the Face of “Evil”

Dear Friends,

I am writing to suggest an excerpt from the Thursday Mindshifters Support Group, in which we addressed the challenge of Choosing Love in the Face of “Evil”. The context is that a five year old boy was killed, allegedly by his parents, just this week in Crystal Lake, IL.

In the work we teach on Mindshifters Radio Podcast for the past 8 years, and the work we have been doing in the Mindshifters Support Groups for 14 years now, we understand that Love is the only answer to hate. We understand that this is an energetic universe, and that the energy we choose and pour into the world around us, helps shape our experience of the world. Most of us are conditioned to believe that anger, vengeance, and hatred are the only possible response to another act of violence or evil.

Fortunately we have been introduced to powerful tools to dismantle the pain, and fear that underlie all anger, and thoughts of vengeance, and we teach them to people and support people in building the proficiency in the use of these tools.

As always, I welcome comments and sharing this information with anyone you feel may benefit.

We Come From Love. We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love. Everything else is false.

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