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I want to be sure everyone knows about  TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and is a think tank for just about any subject related to those three broad categories.  On this website I have watched wonderful lectures on everything from “The real difference between liberals and conservatives.”, to the life of the giant redwood trees.  I highly recommend this site for a place to find stimulating and soul affirming lectures that average about twenty minutes each.  It is free and it is fabulous!

Dr. Ryce talks a great deal about the power of our thoughts to either place dis-integrative energy into our system, or to place healing and integrative energy into our energy system.  Dr. Ryce was talking in the video we watched last Tuesday, about how we are creating the aging and death in our bodies/energy systems, by creating negative realities, and how it may actually be possible to reverse that process by using the tools he presents.  Dr. Ryce also knows the value of eating a living, “raw” diet, which provides the energy and nutrients we need to get and  stay healthy, and makes it part of the intensives he holds at his retreat center in Missouri.

In the talk by Dean Ornish on healing, he focuses on some amazing statistics and results they are getting in reversing “chronic” diseases by simply changing people’s diets.  When I watched this talk, all I could think about was how amazing and powerful these results are, while only paying attention to half of the equation.  Just think about how these results would be amplified if these patients were also doing the emotional/energy work that people like Dr. Ryce talk about. [Clicking the title link to this article will take you to the video on healing, by Dean Ornish.]

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