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Bruce Lipton and the Intelligence of the Human Cell

The Mindshifters group watched a 1995 interview with Bruce Lipton on the topic of “The Primacy of DNA” and the source of the “intelligence” which is observable in each human cell. The power of the work he and other researchers have done is revolutionizing the way we look at our bodies, the theory of evolution, and source of our human awareness and “intelligence”.

For many years now there has been a dogma in science called, The Primacy of DNA. This means that DNA is “first cause”, and that all things flow from or interact with DNA after DNA has been determined or established. What Bruce Lipton and others are now finding is that the DNA in human cells, and the genes in human cells cannot turn themselves on. They are not determining whether they are multiplied and grown, or whether they are shut down and die off. This is determined by “the environment”, or signals from the environment, including the thoughts and the power of the mind. They have determined that cells have receptors for both physical signals, and energetic signals. This means that cells can determine whether there is a physical or chemical threat in its environment, and it can determine whether the mind believes there is a threat.

Each cell in the human body has only two modes of functioning, Growth mode or Protection mode. When the cell is in Growth mode it takes in nutrition and rebuilds damaged parts, and eliminates wastes. When a cell is in Protection mode, it does not take in nutrition, rebuild damaged parts, or eliminate waste. Cells can only survive in Protection mode for a limited time, because they need to take in nutrition and eliminate waste in order to survive. Since the cell responds to the physical environment and the mental emotional environment, it can be tricked into thinking that there is a danger, and therefore a need to be in Protection mode, when in fact there is no physical threat. What researchers have found is that the mental emotional signal over-rides the physical signal, so that if we are feeling “stressed” or upset, the cells in our bodies go into protection mode, just as if we were actually being physically attacked, or being exposed to toxins.

It is known that our immune system and healing response is not active when we are in “fight or flight” mode. This makes even more sense now that it has been shown that each cell in our body has only two modes of operation, either Growth or Protection mode. What the new research tells us is that if we even think that we are in danger, we stop our immune system from functioning properly. We put ourselves into a state in which our bodies cannot fight off i

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