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Body Talk Experience for Tuesday Night Mindshifters Group

Tomorrow night, the Tuesday night Mindshifters Group will watch a presentation by Dr Veltheim on distance BodyTalk treatment.  Our Friend Tricia Alexander will lead us for the first part of tomorrow’s group.  We will be watching a presentation by Dr. Veltheim during the first 40 minutes of tomorrow’s group beginning at – 6:30pm.

Here are the details:

Dr. John Veltheim (the founder of BodyTalk) – offered a series of 3 streaming distance treatments: digestion, relationship conflicts, financial. I signed up for them – he encouraged sharing these with friends and family. The treatment itself is comprised of 4 links – 4 stages. During the last half he includes extended links to memory and belief systems as well as anatomy and physiology in the treatment. he also addresses the digestion of ideas

During this 40 minutes, he teaches as well as builds and taps out the treatment. It’s a fabulous and VERY interesting ‘class’ in digestion anatomy and in the digestive system – as well as a really fabulous, multi-dimensional treatment. I experienced a physical clearing beginning the next day – and other effects almost immediately.

After this presentation, we will have discussion, and then time to work on Reality Management worksheets, and Faster EFT tapping as we usually do in the Mindshifters Group.

Please feel free to join us and bring a friend.

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love!  Everything else is false.

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