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Blogging About Anger – Or – How To Really Stir Up Your Audience’s Reaction

Just two days ago I wrote a blog entry about the purpose and usefulness of anger. Since then I have received more comments than any other blog entry I have ever written. It seems that just bringing up the topic of anger stirs anger and defensiveness in people. It truly amazes me how much emotion was stimulated by the words I wrote in my blog. It makes it much easier for me to see how people could go to war over money, property, religion or perceived physical threat, when simply typing some words about thoughts regarding the proper usefulness of anger can stir such intense emotion.

Thank you to all who read those words and responded. Thank you to those of you who disagreed with what was written, and thank you to those of you who agreed with it and were appreciative.

I would offer that it is instructive for all of us to realize just how much denied and suppressed energy of emotions we carry within our mind/body systems, which is just laying there waiting to be stimulated by a word, picture, action or event from the outside. I would also offer, once again, that the only way to deal with that energy constructively is to understand and accept that I have been carrying that energy within me and that it was not caused by the word, picture, action or event from the outside. I would refer here to another recent blog post regarding the chocolate syrup in the glass of white milk.

If I accept that I am the only one who can create the internal reality I experience, then I can begin to work with what I am experiencing and learn to create something more pleasant and loving. The tools offered by Dr. Michael Ryce and others like him are designed to be applied to my daily life to help me create a more loving and peaceful life for myself, regardless of the external situations and the choices of those around me. This is not a philosophical debate or theoretical exercise. This a set of tools for practical, effective change in the experience of life which I create for myself, day after day.

Thanks again to all those who have commented. I would offer that for anyone who has become aware of a strong emotional reaction to the words written in this, or any other, blog post or article it could be very useful to dismantle the thoughts, beliefs and traumas in your mind/body energy system which are creating that reaction within you. Dr. Ryce makes his reality management worksheet available for free on his website at the following location, for this very purpose. The first three links on that page provide the tools you need to rid yourself of any negative emotional energy you are experiencing.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

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