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Back from a long break.

I just received a invitation to a new blog from a friend.

It reminded me that I had created this blog back in December.

Since I created this blog I have had two additional trainings in energy techniques.

The Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, (B.E.S.T.) was created by a chiropractor and is the centerpiece in a total health system that is highly effective. It calls upon the individual to actively participate in their health.

The fundamental philosophy is that everything that is happening with us physically and emotionally is a perfect response to the energy that created us, and the interference we place in it’s way. This interference is primarily thoughts, beliefs and old emotional patterns that get triggered repeatedly.

Within this system there are six health essentials to monitor. Everything we: eat, drink, breathe, excercise, rest and think. The acronym for this is “uncle E.D.B.E.R.T.” The system pays close attention to the acid/alkaline balance in our body and blood stream, and they teach you how to increase your alkaline reserve so that your body can handle stress and fight disease more effectively. It is a great system!

You can learn more details at

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